Monday, 2 December 2013

Diving World Record in Reunion Island

(photo ©GPP)

Reunion Island's water sports and tourism sectors have been hard-hit by the recent spate of shark attacks. Although divers know that you have nothing to fear from a shark underwater, the general public has a different perception. This is  the main reason why on December 1st the local Groupement des professionnels de la plongée (GPP, Association of diving professionals) decided to create a positive action and break a world record by forming a human chain of 110 divers at a depth of 18 metres.

(photo ©GPP)

200 hours of preparation were necessary for the event, which also involved 40 extra volunteers, 13 dive boats and 14 dive clubs.

(photo ©GPP)

The youngest diver was 18, and the oldest 82!

(photo ©GPP)

Six photographers and cameramen were present.

(photo ©GPP)

It took place place at Saint Leu on the island's south-west coast, and although originally only a minute together was planned, in the end the divers managed 5 minutes and 12 seconds without breaking the chain, which measured 76.2 metres long.

At the surface (photo ©Laurent Figon)

Four independent judges were present to attest to the world record, which will be sent to the Guinness Book of Records for certification.

celebrating at the surface afterwards (photo ©GPP)

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