Sunday, 28 August 2016

Podcasts about Reunion

If you live in Reunion you may have heard about, a language-learning concept and website created by my dynamic duo of compatriots, Richard Thom and James Christie. As well as proposing English language training online (free and paid versions) there's also a weekly podcast

Every Thursday a native speaker of English talks about their experiences and adventures on Reunion. From tasting fried wasp larvae in Ste Rose to getting hypothermia in Salazie, every story is fun and full of surprises, lasting no more than 5 minutes. There are two speeds to choose from: normal and slow. You can also read the text while you listen, and there is even a list of the difficult words translated into French. It's free and you can of course listen as many times as you want. Recent episodes even have a video version where you can watch the podcaster record their story and see a real-time translation of the difficult words on screen. At the time of writing this blog post they're now up to 104 episodes, and the 64,000 plays make them Reunion's most listened-to podcast! 

Although I'm not a English teacher I recently recorded two podcasts for English language learners: the first about life as a translator in Reunion Island:

and the second about the struggles of getting a decent cup of tea in Reunion when you're a tea aficionado like I am.

P.S. For more about my visits to tea plantations and sampling of locally-produced tea around the world see the post My ABC of travelling.

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