Saturday, 30 June 2018

Pointe Langevin: the European Union's southernmost point

The municipality of Saint-Joseph in Reunion Island recently had surveys carried out to determine where the extreme southern point of Reunion is (apparently there was some doubt as to whether it was actually in Saint-Joseph or the neighbouring municipality of Saint-Philippe). These surveys have shown that the exact location is at Pointe Langevin in Saint-Joseph and so an orientation table and signpost showing distances to various cities around the world were recently installed there. As Reunion is the southernmost region of Europe, this also makes Pointe Langevin the most southerly point of European Union territory (when including overseas territories)!

geographic coordinates of Pointe de Langevin

the actual marker is in the background in the middle of the picture 

a rather windswept me next to the triangulation point

The triangulation point marker can be reached via a short walk from a nearby parking area, and in doing so you'll pass in front of a natural arch and blowhole.

natural arch, Pointe de Langevin 

Incidentally Reunion is also home to the easternmost point of European territory: Pointe des Cascades, at Sainte-Rose (55° 50′ 11″ E). But as far as I'm aware there's no marker there (yet).

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