Reunion photography pages on Facebook

Facebook is a great place for photographers to showcase their talent. When those photographers happen to live on Reunion Island they're constantly surrounded by inspiring subjects, especially in the natural world.
Below is a list of Facebook pages of photographers based in Reunion. Some pages are only in French, but even if you're a non-French speaker I'm sure this won't stop you from appreciating the beautiful photographs that are regularly posted.

  • Alice Bertin - very varied subjects: underwater, close-ups and landscapes.

waterfall, ©Alice Bertin

one of ©BeMez's pictures

Mantis shrimp

sunset near La Possession, ©Deltapict Photographies

Sainte-Suzanne lighthouse © Dronecopters

    Close-up of a taro leaf © Jean-Luc Renouil

    • Frog 974 - mainly landscapes, particularly at sunrise or sunset.

    Dusk over St Pierre, May 29th 2013, ©Frog 974

    Glass Anemone Shrimp in Reunion

    • Jill Pollock - varied: close-ups, landscapes, some nightscapes similar to Luc Perrot, portraits. See here for more. (Twitter: @PollockJill)

    'Golden Cliff', Vincendo, Reunion © Jill Pollock

    • Katia Ferrer ("Les photos de Kat") - photos on land and underwater. 

      Evening reflections, ©Katia Ferrer

      • Kevin Le Pape: Amateur wildlife photographer : birds, insects, landscapes.

      Baby panther chameleon © Kevin Le Pape

      • Lionel Ghighi - a variety of landscape and portrait photos, specialised in aerial photography.

       © Lionel Ghighi

      • LR Photographies - Ludovic Rivière mainly takes landscape photos, often at dawn, dusk or sunrise.

          Looking at Piton des Neiges from the road leading to the volcano
          ©LR Photographies

          • Luc Perrot - probably Reunion's best known photographer, his astronomy photos have won several international prizes. He writes captions in English and French. For some examples of his work see here. (Twitter: @LucPerrot_Photo)

            Milky Way, Cap Mechant, ©Luc Perrot

            nudibranch, ©David Paris

            • Olivier Borson - mainly black and white photographs from Reunion and his travels abroad. Captions are in English and French. (Twitter: @Beyond_My_Mind)

            Cloudy night sky at the Plaine des Sables, ©Olivier Borson

            • Onery - buildings, people, photographic artwork

            house at Entre-Deux © Onery

            • Penti's Pics - underwater photography from Reunion by Cedric Peneau

            This photo of a humpback whale and calf won 1st place in the Wide Angle
            category of the 2018 MIDE Underwater Photography Competition

            Piton de la Fournaise ©Pierre Choukron

            mantis shrimp, ©Reunion Underwater Photography

            Marine Delbeck © Romain Philippon

            sunset at Bois Blanc beach ©Steph Photographies

            Mascarene swiftlet, ©Timaoul photos

            • TJ Photographies - mainly landscapes and flora & fauna. Captions in English and French.

                Golden orb web spider, Ste Suzanne, ©TJ Photographies

                • Tofruokal - mainly wildlife photos (birds and insects), and some landscapes.

                Storm off the coast of St Pierre
                ©Tofruokal Photos Lakour/ Olivier PAYET

                Yin-Yin & his cock Ponctualité ©Ella & Pitr – Saint-Leu

                If you're a Reunion-based photographer who'd like to see their Facebook page included in  this list, or if you know of a page that should be included, please leave me a message in the comments below.

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