Thursday, 11 October 2012

La Fenêtre des Makes

panorama of Cilaos from Fenêtre des Makes viewpoint

After a visit to a forest adventure park at Les Makes, St Louis, at 1300m altitude, we carried on up to La Fenetre des Makes which is a viewpoint over the cirque of Cilaos, 1574m above sea level.

Ilet à Cordes

Although we arrived at midday, as you can see from the photos we had a cloudless blue sky and a wonderful view.

Cilaos town, with the village of Bras Sec to the right

 Fenêtre means 'window' and today its name was well-deserved.

Palmiste Rouge

The viewpoint is about 10 km further uphill from the village known as Les Makes, which is strung out along the road between 900m and 1200m altitude, itself 12km from the town of St Louis.

looking towards the Dimitile

Les Makes is also known for its astronomical observatory, which regularly offers stargazing programmes open to the public.

Gros Morne and Piton des Neiges

looking towards the Col du Taibit (centre)

 I had a good view of the final part of the path I hiked up to Ilet à Cordes in May.

path leading up to Ilet à Cordes

I was also able to quietly approach and take photos of this Reunion Stonechat, a bird endemic to Reunion.

Saxciola tectes / Reunion Stonechat / Tec-tec

Saxciola tectes / Reunion Stonechat / Tec-tec

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