Thursday, 31 August 2017

A documentary and 2 more podcasts about Reunion

For my third podcast recording session* I recorded two episodes:

- the first was entitled 'What A Waste' and I talk about an unusual visit I made for World Water Way on 22nd April.

The second is called 'Dirty Weekend' and I recount an eventful hike I made a few years ago to Marla in Mafate, when everything that could have gone wrong did!

* For more explanations about why I'm recording podcasts see here and here. The podcasts are organised by the team at, and video recording for these podcasts took place in the studio of O'tv La Réunion. Here I am in front of the green screen:

A University of Reunion Island documentary about Barau's petrels which I translated and voiced was also made available on Youtube this month. Called "Taille-vent, the mountain petrel", it tells the story of this endangered species and the conservation work involved in protecting it.

More viewing/listening:

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