Monday, 19 December 2011

Canoe rafting down the river

A few days ago we went "canoe rafting" down the Rivière des Marsouins, one of the rivers on Reunion's east coast.

Rivière des Marsouins

Canoe-rafting is basically canoeing in a two-person inflatable canoe rather like a small raft.

example of a canoe-raft

We went with Oasis Eaux Vives, one of several companies who offer this type of activity on Reunion, and actually the same company with whom I did my hen party activity a few years ago (a water ramble - but that's another story!).

You can choose a full-day or half-day activity - our group had chosen the latter.  The actual river descent was interspersed with a few stops. One was to jump into the river from some rocks using a rope:

and another was practicing going downriver in the security position (feet first, body as flat as possible):

before going down river in the security position
we had to get to the middle of the river - no easy task!

All in all a great outing was had by all !

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