Monday, 4 April 2011

48 hours in Shanghai

We've just spent the weekend in Shanghai thanks to a two night stay we won at the Park Hyatt Shanghai. 
The Park Hyatt is the world's highest hotel above ground, and is in the world's third highest building - the Shanghai World Finance Center (SWFC). We already visited Shanghai in August last year, so this time we were able to make the most of the hotel, do some shopping, and see some friends. In August the weather was very hot and the sky very blue as you can see in the photos below. Next to the SWFC is the JinMao Building, which houses the Grand Hyatt hotel.

JinMao Building on the left, SWFC on the right
The JinMao Building is itself the world's twelfth tallest building.

ditto, seen from the ground

Pudong skyline, seen from the Bund,
with the pink Oriental Pearl Tower on the left.

The weather wasn't very good this weekend so no blue skies, anyway this is the view from our room on the 81st floor. The hotel is situated between the 79th and 93rd floors. Reception is on the  87th floor, and breakfast was in the restaurant on the 91st floor.

View from our room at night, JinMao Tower on left.
same view by day

As can be expected the room was extremely comfortable and included a toilet whose lid lifted automatically when you walked in, and which flushed automatically when you walked out !

bedroom (photo  © Hyatt)

bathroom (photo © Hyatt)

On the way back to the airport on Sunday we took the high speed Maglev train, which covers 30km in just over 7 minutes. You can see our top speed below :

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