Thursday, 3 February 2011

Some useful apps for travelling smart phone users

Here are a few tried and tested applications you might find useful when travelling with your smart phone :

  1. MetrO - helps you find your way in public transport systems in more than 400 cities around the world. Once the cities have been downloaded online, it works offline.
  2. Tripadvisor - the smartphone app version of the well known travel website. Has reached N° 1 free travel app in more than 20 countries.
  3. Tripit - puts all your travel plans right on your iPhone no matter where your travel was booked. 
  4. World Map - this app has a useful world map that can be viewed even if you don't have an internet connection 
  5. World Nomads - a series of podcast language guides in 25 languages including Swahili, Nepali, Laotian, Mandarin. Contains essential phrases to keep you travelling safely. Voted N°1 freebie language translation iPhone app by MSNBC.
All of the above are free, or are free 'lite' versions of paying applications.

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