Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Satellite eye on the Earth : Maldives

A beautiful satellite photo of one of my favourite countries in the world : the Maldives.

"On a relatively clear day, the atolls and islands of the Maldives glow like a necklace of speckled jade beads floating on the deep blue waters of the northern Indian Ocean. The Maldives are an island nation made up of a chain of 1,192 small coral islands grouped into 26 clusters of atolls. It has a population of about 330,000. The capital and largest city is Male, with a population of about 80,000. The coral archipelago stretches in a north-south chain for almost 560 miles south-west of India, and sits upon a vast undersea mountain range. Arguably the lowest-lying country in the world, the average elevation is just 1m above sea level". The Guardian Satellite Eye. (links are mine)

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