Friday, 27 March 2009


Last month we spent two weeks travelling in the Philippines. First we flew from Seoul to Manila, then travelled to a resort on the north coast of the island of Mindoro for a few days before heading to a small island called Pandan off the west coast of Mindoro for more diving. After a few days we crossed the Mindoro strait and stayed on Dimakya island, near Busuanga in Northern Palawan.  It was mainly a scuba diving trip  and while diving we saw a shark, turtles, and sea snakes (one was more than 2m long).  Afterwards we were told that the sea-snakes are 17 times more venomous than cobras ... (but they can't open their jaws wide enough to bite humans apparently). We also did a great wreck dive on a big Japanese warship sunk since 1944 - very atmospheric. 

Jeepneys - typical Filipino mode of transport

en route for Pandan island

Mindoro landscape

noisy bats on Dimakya island !

Intramuros in old Manila

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